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Ahn Sung-ki with Lee Byung-hun
Forecourt Ceremony held on Saturday, June 23, 2012
Born: January 1, 1952, in Daegu, South Korea
Age at the time of the ceremony: 60
Ahn Sung-ki is one of the most popular leading actors in Korea. Warm, affible and funny, he has been in every sort of Hollywood knockoff made in Korea, but also in some creatively innovative films as well. None of his films has branched out to American audiences, and so, we are delighted to share what we know of this man.

Born during the Korean War, Ahn was raised as a Catholic. He became a child actor at a young age; his film debut was in a major role at the age of six as a street urchin conning a childless couple in Mojeong (released in January 1958) with Jo Mi-ryeong.

At the age of eight, Ahn was part of the family whose father seduced the title character in Hanyo - The Housemaid (released in September 1960) with Kim Jin Kyu in the title role. Things do not go well for the family. Upon graduating from Kyundong junior high school, Ahn went for a degree at Korea University Graduate School, and later, at the Hankuk University School of Foreign Studies. After garduation, Ahn volunteered for the Korean Army; he served as a first lieutenant artillery officer from 1974 to 1976.

Ahn has been in high demand in the Korean film community, where he has made a large amount of films. We list some of them here; he has been selected as the "best actor" by one or another group of Korean film award givers for many of these films.

Balambuleo joheun nal - A Fine, Windy Day (released in November 1980) with Kim Seong-chan, is a coming of age story; Oyeomdoen jahikdeul - The Polluted One (released in September 1983) with Bang Hie, is a romance set against an environmental disaster.

Ahn played the central vagabond character visiting a small village in Angae maeul - Village in the Mist (released in 1983) with Cho Nam-kyeoung; he plays a Buddhist monk in Mandala (released in September 1981) with Jeon Mu-song. Ahn starred as the hero in a twist on Rear Window, the thriller Jeogdoeui ggot - Flower on the Equator (released in October 1984) with Chang Mi-hee.

Ahn plays a man marrying an American for citizenship in Gippo puleum bam - Deep Blue Night (released in March 1985) with Chang Mi-hee, and works as a salesman in the business drama Songgong sidae - The Age of Success (released in June 1988) with Bong Choi.

Ahn took the role of Korean War correspondent Lee Tae in Nambungun (released in June 1990) with Lee Hye-yeong, and starred in the thriller Nuga yongui baltobeul boatneunga - Who Saw the Dragon's Claws? (released in April 1991) with Kim Sung-ryung.

Ahn has made comedies as well: he played the older cop in the "partners who don't like each other" cop movie Tukabseu - Two Cops (released in 1994) with Hong Yun-jeong. Ahn starred in the historical polictical drama set in the early 1800s Yeongwonhan jegug - The Eternal Empire (released in 1995) with Cho Jae-Hyun.

He played a writer returning to his hometown for his mother's funeral in Chukje - Festival (released in June 1996) with Kim Gyung-As, then took the lead in a period war film taking place in 1375, Musa - The Warrior (released in September 2001) with Jung Woo-sung.

In a comic mode, Ahn played Han Min-wook, fictional president of South Korea in the comedy romance Piano chineun daetongryeong - The Romantic President - The President Who Plays the Piano (released in December 2002) with Choi Ji-Woo. Not so comically, Ahn got to play the president of South Korea dealing with an attemped Japanese invasion (!) in Hanbando (released in July 2006) with Baek Il-seob.

Ahn played manager to a washed-up rock star who both take to the airwaves in Ra-dee-o-seu-ta - Radio Star (released in September 2006) with Park Joong-Hoon. Ahn verged on the action film by playing real life math professor Kim Myung-ho, who was at odds with his university in Bu-reo-jin hwa-sai - Unbowed (released in 2012) with Park Won-sang.

Ahn had just finished shooting his part as a fire cheif in Ta-weo - The Tower (released in December 2012, when he and Lee Byung-hun were asked by the Korean Film Producers Association to make their imprints at the Chinese Theatre as a kickoff to the Look East Film Festival on Saturday, June 23, 2012.

Ahn took a supporting role in the quasi samurai film Last Knights (released in April 2015) with Morgan Freeman. Ahn is in the ensemble cast of Inkan, gongkan, sikan grigo inkan - Human, Space, Time and Human (released in 2018) with Mina Fuji. He stars in an exorcist action film Saja - The Divine Fury (released in July 2019) with Seo-joon Park. He played a widower overseeing his young family in Paper Flower (released in 2019), then returned to hard-boiled land in Adeurui ireumeuro - In the Name of the Son (released in 2021). He co-stars with Seo Hyeon-jin in the drama Cassiopedia (released in January 2022).
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Ahn Sung-ki Forecourt block. Executed by unknown, Saturday, June 23, 2012. 36 x 24 inches.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Ahn Sung-ki Forecourt ceremony, Saturday, June 23, 2012. Ahn Sung-ki shows his dirty paws to the world.
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