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Jennifer Anison
Forecourt Ceremony held on Thursday, July 7, 2011
Born: February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, California
Age at the time of the ceremony: 42
Jennifer Aniston is perhaps the most recognizable actor of her generation. Setting the world on fire with her role on the television show Friends, she has appeared in a whole raft of finacially successful comedies since then.

Jennifer Aniston's parents were both actors. Moving to New York City when she was a child, she was forbidden to watch television (although she managed to). At the age of six, Aniston attended the Waldorf School in Ghent New York, where she discovered the stage. Jennifer's parents split up when she was nine.

Aniston attended New York's LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where Anthony Abeson was her drama teacher. Upon graduation, she appeared in several off-Broadway productions; she made her first film as a dancer working at MacDonald's in Mac and Me (released in August 1988) with Christine Ebersole. She became a spokesperson for the Nutrisystem, and appeared as such on The Howard Stern Show.

Moving to Los Angles, Aniston made the rounds, appearing in television shows which failed to establish themselves. Somehow, she got second billing in the horror film Leprechaun (released in January 1993) with Warwick Davis, and guest starred on a number of television shows.

Out of sorts about all of this, Aniston made friends with NBC executive Warren Littlefield, who became instrumental in casting Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends aired over NBC for 236 episodes, from September 1994 to May 2004. Not only did Friends make Aniston a star, she bacame a millionaire and won an Emmy as Lead Actress.

While on Friends, Aniston did some films, since she was becoming well-known. The first was She's the One (released in August 1996) with Edward Burns, but she got top billing in Picture Perfect (released in August 1997) with Jay Mohr.

Aniston had a supporting role in 'Till There Was You (released in May 1997) with Jeanne Tripplehorn which had probably been sitting on the shelf when Aniston became a big deal. More typical of the rom-coms she would be making for the next 20 years would be The Object of My Affection (released in April 1998) with Paul Rudd.

The Fox studio wanted a "big star" for director Mike Judge's Office Space (released in February 1999) with Ron Livingston; Aniston's part is small, but she helped in selling the thing. In Rock Star (which played the Chinese in September 2001), she plays a woman trying to have a relationship with rocker Mark Wahlberg.

Aniston finally got some good notices for The Good Girl (released in August 2002) with Jake Gyllenhaal, while one of her biggest box-office successes was Bruce Almighty (released in May 2003) with Jim Carrey. A rom-com which plays well with both sexes and therefore made a pot of money was Along Came Polly (released in January 2004) with Ben Stiller.

With Friends over, director Rob Reiner cast Aniston in his comedy Rumor Has It. . . (which played the Chinese in December 2005) with Kevin Costner. She was the lead in Friends with Money (released in April 2006) with Joan Cusack, but it didn't get much of a release by Sony Pictures Classics.

Aniston now made movies which open either at Valentine's Day, or the late, soft Summer, or Christmas. First up was the dog comedy Marley & Me (released in December 2005) with Owen Wilson, then starred in the ensemble rom-com He's Just Not That Into You (released in February 2009) with Ben Affleck.

Another hit was The Bounty Hunter (released in March 2010) with Gerard Butler, followed by another Adam Sandler movie set in Hawaii, Just Go with It (released in February 2011). In July of that year, Aniston was asked to come down to the Chinese to make her impressions in the Forecourt. A couple days later her film, Horrible Bosses (released in July 2011) with Jason Bateman, opened big.

We're the Millers (released in August 2013) with Jason Sudeikis, became another whopping hit for Aniston. She, like others before her, sought to do a dramatic film, which became Cake (released in December 2014) with Adriana Barraza. It got a limited release.

Starring for director Peter Bogdanovich in She's Funny That Way (released in August 2015) with Owen Wilson, didn't help anybody — it flopped. Aniston headlined in one of director Garry Marshall's "holiday" films, this time: Mother's Day (released in April 2016) with Kate Hudson.

She took a supporting role in a film which said "stay away" called Office Christmas Party (released in December 2016) with Jason Bateman, but the movie made money anyway. Aniston took on a second lead as the not-so-nice mother of the lead player and was an executive producer of Dumplin' (released in theatres and streamed on Netflix in December 2018) with Danielle Macdonald.

She starred with Adam Sandler in the comedy Murder Mystery (released in June 2019), and has starred in 21 episodes of The Morning Show aired over Apple TV in November 2019.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Jennifer Aniston Forecourt block. Executed by unknown, Thursday, July 7, 2011. 48 x 36 inches.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Jenifer Aniston Forecourt ceremony, Thursday, July 7, 2011. Jennifer Aniston shows the traditional cement-hands after placing them in the wet cement.
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