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Tyrone Power with Loretta Young
Forecourt Ceremony held on Monday, May 31, 1937
Born: May 5, 1914, in Cincinnati, Ohio
Age at the time of the ceremony: 23
Died: November 15, 1958, in Madrid, Spain, age 44
Tyrone Power was a popular star for the 20th Century-Fox studio, starring in a wide array of films, from action adventure to intimate dramas. Connected with the Fox studio for almost his entire career, many of his films played at the Chinese Theatre. His colorful life was tragically cut short.

Born into a theatrical family of long standing, father Tyrone Power Sr. was considered one of the leading lights of the American stage. After graduating from high school in 1930, father (now divorced) and son toured together, with young Ty learning his craft from a master. Although handsome(!), Power had — a theatrical power which could spring out at the proper moment for maximum effect.

When Power Sr. died of a heart attack in his son's arms in 1931, Ty resolved to carry on the family tradition. Although he attempted to find work in Hollywood, Power found no takers. On the advice of a friend, he trod the New York stage, where film director Henry King saw his Benvolio in a production of Romeo and Juliet in 1936.

King insisted that Power be given a huge role in Lloyd's of London (which played the Chinese in March 1937) and he walked away with the picture. Fox knew they had a star on their hands. His dashing virility was appealing to both women and to men. He was kept fairly busy in his new role as matinee idol.

In fact, almost all of Power's signature roles were ahead of him when he was imprinted with his Cafe Metropole co-star Loretta Young at the Chinese in May 1937. Since he was at the beginning of his career, he inscribed, "Following in my father's footsteps" which would become more accurate than he knew.

Huge, monster hits followed: In Old Chicago (which played the Chinese in May 1937), Alexander's Ragtime Band (played the Chinese in August 1938), Jesse James (played in January 1939), The Rains Came (played in September 1939), The Mark of Zorro (played in November 1940), and A Yank in the R.A.F. (which had its World Premiere at the Chinese in September, 1941).

Interested in planes and flying, Power was given intensive training to become a cargo pilot in the Marine Corps during World War II. As a First Lieutenant, Power flew a Commando C-46 out of the Kwajalein Atoll and the Marshall Islands, transporting cargo and wonded Marines in and out of the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa in 1945. Power became highly decorated for his service.

Back in Hollywood, Power enjoyed a major success with The Razor's Edge (which played the Chinese in December 1946), and artistic success with Nightmare Alley (played the Chinese in November 1947), and was placed in a string of "swashbucklers" such as, Captain from Castille (played in December 1947), Prince of Foxes (played in December 1949), The Black Rose (played in September 1950); and war pictures: American Guerilla in the Philippines (played in December 1950).

Important pictures for Power include: The Long Gray Line (released in February 1955), The Eddy Duchin Story (released in June 1956), The Sun Also Rises (which played the Chinese in August 1957) and Witness for the Prosecution (released in December 1957). While doing a sword duel scene for Solomon and Sheba in Spain, Power suffered a massive fatal heart attack. He was 44 years old.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Tyrone Power Forecourt block. Executed by Jean Klossner, Monday, May 31, 1937. 41 x 38 inches.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California. Loretta Young / Tyrone Power Forecourt ceremony, Monday, May 31, 1937. An unknown attendant looks on as Loretta Young steadies Tyrone Power, while cement artist Jean Klossner ensures a proper impression.
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